• Solutions for managing the intersection of cybersecurity, vendors/supply chain, and data privacy risks.

IT Policies Support

IT policies begins with IT governance. IT governance explains organizational processes, identifies who is responsible for implementing and managing IT processes, and ensures that IT operations are aligned with company strategies, goals and risk acceptance. Organizations strive to meet legal and business requirements for business continuity, IT security and data privacy, and IT policies based on best practices will guide due diligence on the way to achieving those goals.

Rofori can help you determine the correct IT policies needed for your organization, inclusive of the following as examples of IT policies to consider:

  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Backup Policy
  • Change Management Policy
  • Confidential Data Policy
  • Data Classification Policy
  • Data Retention Policy
  • Email Policy
  • Factory Information Systems Security Policy
  • Guest Access Policy
  • Incident Response Policy
  • Mobile Device Policy
  • Network Access Policy
  • Network Security Policy
  • Password Policy
  • Remote Access Policy
  • User Privileges and Access Policy
  • VPN Access Policy
  • Wireless Access Policy

Let DEFCON™ Cybersecurity and DEFCON™ Data Privacy Risk Management solutions help you to better navigate and assess your vendors, best practices, and compliance readiness!