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Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risk Strategy

Cybersecurity in the supply chain cannot be viewed as an IT problem only. Cyber supply chain risks touch sourcing, vendor management, supply chain continuity and quality, transportation security and many other functions across the enterprise and require a coordinated effort to address.

NIST, via extensive research across U.S. industries have concluded the following Cyber Supply Chain Security Principles:

  1. Develop your defenses based on the principle that your systems will be breached. When one starts from the premise that a breach is inevitable, it changes the decision matrix on next steps. The question becomes not just how to prevent a breach, but how to mitigate an attacker’s ability to exploit the information they have accessed and how to recover from the breach.
  2. Cybersecurity is never just a technology problem, it’s a people, processes and knowledge problem. Breaches tend to be less about a technology failure and more about human error. IT security systems won’t secure critical information and intellectual property unless employees throughout the supply chain use secure cybersecurity practices.
  3. Security is Security. There should be no gap between physical and cybersecurity. Sometimes the bad guys exploit lapses in physical security in order to launch a cyber attack. By the same token, an attacker looking for ways into a physical location might exploit cyber vulnerabilities to get access.

Rofori can support you in identifying your key supply chain cybersecurity risks from:

  • Third party service providers or vendors with physical or virtual access to information systems, software code, or IP
  • Poor information security practices by lower-tier suppliers
  • Software security vulnerabilities in supply chain management or supplier systems
  • Third party data storage or data aggregators

Let DEFCON™ Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and DEFCON™ Data Privacy Risk Management solutions help you to better navigate and assess your cybersecurity practices, vendor due diligence, and compliance readiness!

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