• Solutions for managing the intersection of cybersecurity, vendors/supply chain, and data privacy risks.

DEFCON™ Cybersecurity Risk Management

DEFCON™ Cybersecurity Risk Management was designed and developed with a focus on the cybersecurity challenges facing small businesses and supply chains. Those challenges include: how to operate to industry best practices for managing cyber risk and being aware of the risk level in your business operations and supply chains. Large enterprises are at risk of the small businesses in their supply chains and many small businesses do not implement basic cybersecurity best practices and therefore, are at high risk. The cost of recovery from a data breach is very expensive, resulting in 60% of small businesses going out of business within six months of discovery.

DEFCON™ Cybersecurity Risk Management helps to reduce this high level of risk through continuous monitoring of your devices (PCs, servers, notebooks, laptops) leveraging industry-leading security vulnerability tools, integrated with widely adopted best practices to keep you aware of the level of cyber risk in your business and/or supply chain.

The National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) is a widely adopted approach to managing cyber risk by providing a guide to all businesses on how to implement industry best practices to better protect a business against the growing cyber threat. DEFCON™ Cybersecurity Risk Management utilizes 12 of the NIST CSF best practices for small businesses, allowing comprehensive protection with a focus on inventory tracking, access control monitoring, vulnerability scanning/remediation, antivirus/malware detection/monitoring. Additional best practices may be optionally exercised for small businesses and supply chains, based on need and resources.

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Let DEFCON™ Cybersecurity and DEFCON™ Data Privacy Risk Management solutions help you to better navigate and assess your vendors, best practices, and compliance readiness!